What to Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite


Designing your wedding stationery can be an intimidating part of your wedding planning journey; don’t worry, you are not alone if you are feeling this way!

If you’re wondering what to add to your wedding invitation suite, look no further. We have put together an extensive list of what our clients normally include in their suite, depending on whether they are having a destination wedding, marquee wedding or a stately home event.



Traditional Elements

The traditional elements that are the most common in your invitation suite are the following:

  • Wedding Invitation Card
  • Information Card
  • RSVP Card
  • Envelope
  • Postage

…there are various other elements that may be more or less relevant to your big day depending on the structure of your wedding. These can include:

  • Map of the venue/town/village your wedding will take place in
  • Belly band or vellum wrap alternative to hold everything together
  • Order of the day card
  • Wedding rehearsal invitation

…and a large amount of premium extras that we can advise on if required.


Wedding Invitation

The key details required on your wedding invitation are:

  • The couple names
  • Date and time
  • Starting location
  • Some wording on how to RSVP and by what date
  • Wedding website url if needed



Information Card

The details on your information card can vary from venue to venue, and we always advise our couples on a list of how to get the ball rolling with ideas. Often our clients choose up to 6 of the most relevant points below in order to keep the card concise and hone it all in to one side.

If menu choices are needing to be made by your guests, the other side of the information card should have the full menu stated.

  • How to RSVP and when
  • Menu options if necessary
  • Gift list/link to gift list/special gift requests
  • Dress code
  • Rough outline of the day (this is helpful if your wedding guests are needing to travel from one venue to another
  • Local hotels
  • Travel information and full address of venue (Whatthreewords locations are very helpful)
  • Children information (if they are not invited)
  • Taxi numbers
  • Parking information
  • Contact details of wedding planner/couple/family in case of any questions
  • Wedding website if required




An RSVP card is required if your guests are going to be responding to your invitation via post. The RSVP card will be a simple small piece of double sided card with spaces for your guests to fill in their details, dietary requirements and whether they can or cannot attend your big day. 

A pre-addressed envelope and a stamp is usually advised to make your bespoke response card so much more easier for your guests to send back. 

If you are having meal choices, it’s good to have a clear section of where guests should choose their food too.



Other Elements to Consider

Other relatively important parts of your wedding stationery and things to consider are:

  • Mailing envelope – your mailing envelope is the first thing your guests will see when it lands on their doormat. Having a printed envelope with your guest addresses makes the vibe even more special and memorable.
  • Postage – remember that adding wax seals, lined envelopes, extra thick cards and ribbons make your stationery suite stunning, but they will push your postage up to ‘Large Letter’ rather than a standard postage stamp. This is something often overlooked. The best idea would be to take your physical invitation proof to the post office to make sure you know which stamps to purchase!
  • Reception Invitation – It’s very rare that you will invitie a guest to your day celebrations and not your evening reception; one invitation suite is required for your guests staying for the whole day and a separate suite for your guests invited to the evening celebrations. Often the evening guests will have an entirely different information card too, detailing evening food and any other entertainment.
  • Map of Location – if your wedding guests are going to be moving from one area to another, a map is often suggested. A hand drawn map always looks beautiful on your info card.

We hope this has been a helpful insight into your wedding stationery journey!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to send us a DM via our Instagram or drop an email to hello@millie-stone.co.uk