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    Cotton Rag Place Cards

    Luxury Recycled Name Cards for your Rustic Glam Wedding   These 100% Recycled Cotton Rag Place Cards are perfect for your rustic wedding.  Available in various colours, these wedding name cards are...

    Kraft Shield Place Cards

    Unique Rustic Name Cards for a Natural Themed Wedding   These kraft shield place cards are perfect for a barn wedding or rustic themed wedding. They are hand lettered to...

    Blue Watercolour Wedding Place Cards

    Blue Watercolour Handmade Wedding Name Cards   These blue watercolour wedding place cards are 10cm x 10cm, single sided and feature printed font with contrasting hand applied blue watercolour wash...

    Peach Watercolour Place Cards

    Alternative wedding circular peach escort cards   These beautiful circular peach watercolour place cards are single sided and made to order. These escort cards measure at 4cm x 4cm and are...

    Vellum Place Cards

    Beautiful Delicate Wedding Guest Escort Cards for your Feminine White Wedding   These soft vellum place cards are 160gsm and measure at 100mm x 22mm. Each escort card is handwritten...

    Geometric Triangular Place Cards

    Unique to Millie Stone UK - Contemporary Wedding Guest Name Cards   These geometric triangular place cards are cut to order, cut out of hammered ivory card and measure at...

    Black Luggage Tag Place Card

    Monochrome Wedding Stationery Place Names   These black luggage tag place cards are handmade to order and modern calligraphy in white calligraphy ink is written on a matte black card....

    Circular Blue Watercolour Place Cards

    Unique Bespoke Handmade Wedding Name Cards   These circular blue watercolour place cards are handwritten to order in white ink. All name cards also feature hand blue watercolour, so all are...

    Luggage Tag Place Cards

    Luxury Quality Rustic Name Cards featuring Modern Calligraphy These luggage tags place cards are 50mm x 100mm, single sided and feature handwritten modern calligraphy in white calligraphy ink. 20cm of twine...

    Pink & Blue Watercolour Menu

    Navy Blue & Blush Pink Wedding Menu   Featuring a subtle pink and navy blue edge, these pink & blue watercolour menus are perfect to bring a subtle pop of...

    Blush Pink Tent Cards

    Subtle Feminine Wedding Place Cards featuring Modern Calligraphy   These blush pink tent cards have a lovely smooth quality, are tented and measure at 100mm x 50mm when folded. The perfect...

    Blush Pink Wedding Place Cards

    Feminine Blush Pink and Baby Blue Wedding Place Cards   These wedding blush pink place cards are made to order, hole punched and supplied with baby blue 100% silk ribbon. 20cm of...

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