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Wedding Invitation Details - who, what, why, when?!

With so many things to consider when planning your big day, one of the most important things to think about is the day running smoothly and for your wedding guests to know exactly where and when you would like them! Whether you choose to use a wedding website or physical wedding information cards to go into your invitation pack, there are various aspects to tick off to make sure your invitation suite has all the information necessary to get your guests from ‘a to b’ and avoid any awkward or challenging moments throughout your ‘best day’.
Eucalyptus wedding invitation & information card
If Save the Date cards have been sent out, invitations are usually sent out 6 - 8 months before the wedding date. If no Save the Dates have been sent out, I often like to suggest to my clients that any time between 8 and 12 months is perfect. It gives your guests just the right of time to arrange babysitters, book hotels and taxis etc. However, if you are having a destination wedding, I’d normally suggest sending out full invitations (with all information cards and RSVP’s) over one year prior to the wedding. Your guests can then be book their flights at decent prices and hotels can be arranged.
The design of your invitation suite allows your guests to get an idea of the colour scheme and theme of the day. Currently I am working on an incredible and alternative scheme; tropical neon, featuring bright pink foiling and contrasting effects. It is absolutely incredible, and creating something ‘stands out’ like this really gets your guests imaginations going, allowing your friends to choose their outfits and gifts!
Digitally gold foiled invitation
For the information required on your invitation, I often tell my clients that less is more; keep the invitation very sleek and clear, leaving the information to the information card. The main details needed on the invitation card is:
  • Couple’s names (full names are often required when a Save the Date has not been sent out; this is so your guests know exactly who is getting married!)
  • Date and time of the ceremony for day guests, date and time of reception for evening guests
  • Venue and address (or just the venue name; the full address can be detailed on information card)
  • How and when to RSVP by (normally added at the bottom in small italics)
With these 4 main bits of information, it leaves more room for the design! Playing around with handwritten calligraphy for the couple names, including monograms, florals, illustrations, foiling and other effects! Including some of these aspects in your invitations keeps it design focussed but not busy. When designing bespoke pieces for my clients, I often love to keep it as sophisticated as possible, and add luxury in other parts of the suite; wax seals, ribbon, belly bands or handmade and hand written envelopes - dreamy!)
The information card is important and is often the element of the suite that your guests will bring with them to the wedding to remind them of the venue address, menu or order of the day! After working on invitation suites for over three years, I have comprised this list of information that couples often like to add into their wedding suite:
  • how to RSVP by and when (this is added if your guests will be RSVPing via email or phone number. If you are providing an RSVP card and envelope, add your address for your guests to respond to on the RSVP card, or get your return address printed on the RSVP envelope)
  • Menu options, if guest choices need to be made prior to the wedding breakfast - also to notify the venue/caterer of any food intolerances or allergies
  • Gift list / gift list link / requests (it is often etiquette to put this at the end as an ‘after thought’)
  • Dress code (often important; I should write a blog about how I have made the mistake of not checking this)
  • Rough outline of the day (very helpful if people are driving from one destination to the next; also if babies and children are attending and are being collected)
  • Local hotels if necessary
  • Local taxi numbers
  • Other travel information and full address of venue if not detailed on the main invitation
  • Venue history (sometimes this is nice for a filler, or if the venue is of historical significance)
  • Children policy (many couples ask me how is best to write this part politely if kids are not welcome. I often say that there are various ways to write this, but using such phrases as ‘we want you to be able to let your hair down!’ Or ‘although we love your little ones...’)
  • Contact details should people have any questions!
Wedding Invitation with info card - printed
Depending on he significance of the above points, couples usually just choose 4 - 6 of these. It can sometimes be nice to add a little bit of design detail to tie the in the information card to the invitation; such as a motif, colour or monogram!
I hope my first blog has helped you think of the key points required on your invitation suite! If you have any more questions, please drop me a message on ! X